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We work tirelessly to guarantee climate-neutral and eco-friendly products and to minimize the environmental footprint throughout our value chain.


Our story began in 2018 when two abandoned kittens, Fe and Rea, joined our family. At the time, we had just developed our first cat tree. Fe and Rea loved it so much that it inspired us to produce more products for them. And just like that, the idea for FEANDREA was born. Similar to our love for Fe and Rea, we aim to spread the love to more fur friends and their families.

What We Supply 

From cat trees and litter box enclosures to dog beds and crates, we’ve developed 300+ products for millions of our fur friends and their families in 20+ countries and regions. Our products are continuously improved based on our fur friends’ feedback and rigorously tested for safety and reliability to bring complete comfort and joy to your family. 

Our Vision 

We’re committed to creating a life where humans and fur friends live in harmony. Regardless of the breed or size, we believe that fur friends are part of our family. Since we live together, let’s care for each other. 


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